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Moogilu builds custom software products for customers – System Software, SaaS, Enterprise, Big Data, Cloud hosting, Video StreamingProduct and Software Development, Mobile Computing, and Virtual Reality. We build a product from concept all the way to product architecture, coding, deployment, testing, hosting, and support.

Product and Software Development

To build software products from concept to delivery and hosting, an understanding of the domain, technology, and market needs are important.

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Cloud Computing and Hosting

Capital investment was a huge problem for younger companies for it was almost impossible to predict the demand.

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Video Streaming

Video consumption has continued to increase and was 61% of all internet traffic and is expected to be 80% of all traffic by 2022.

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Custom Software Development

Moogilu has built a variety of Web, Mobile, Enterprise, and SaaS products. Product and Software are complex systems and have to approach them as such.

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We are passionate about helping our customers succeed by providing the right talent, building and supporting their product.

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