Who We Are?

Moogilu was founded to help customers build great software products and support the products. We provide an efficient way to build products.

Our firm is a boutique consulting company that hires the best talent throughout the world. We follow a unique approach to product development – teams are distributed, bring right talent anywhere in the world, and develop talent to solve complex problems.

Our consultants have depth of experience and our approach to hiring is consistent wherever they are hired. We have the ability to bring new talent and bring them to speed. This is based on out systematic approach to product, software, and people development.

We pride ourselves in being deeply technical and also have the soft skills and emotional intelligence to help and work with our customers as partners.

What We Do?

We help our customers build products. For every engagement, we build dynamic teams that are dedicated to the project. The teams are distributed and have deep expertise on all aspects of the product.

We follow a unique approach to build products. The traditional approach to product development headed by product managers without deep expertise in technology is difficult at best and results in uneven results.

At Moogilu we have changed the approach to include Architects from all disciplines, domain experts, and business to work together to define product and follow through the process and product development everyday till completion. With multiplicity of views, immediate feedback, deep technology expertise, and continuous development, we are successful building great products. Since we also host and support, we understand the deployment and support issues.

Jagadish Channagiri

CEO and Founder

Jagadish has extensive experience building software products as an Entrepreneur, Executive, and Programmer. He pioneered Video Switching and Local Search. He led the team that built Bittorrent clients. His work experience includes stints at a variety of startups and large corporations that include Mentor Graphics, DEC, Oracle, AMD, and Intel.
His educational background include undergraduate Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Bengaluru University, India, masters degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from IIT Mumbai, India and masters degree in Computer Science from University of Idaho, USA


Technology Advisor

Riad has spent the past two decades designing and scaling-out foundational Internet technologies in high- and low-income countries, and is a renowned thought leader in the Future of the Internet and Smart Cities. Riad views Internet infrastructure as the cornerstone of socio-economic development. He has lived, travelled and worked in over 100 countries, and contributed to the development of notable world-firsts in Mobile Internet technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Cyber-security, Space Internet and Blockchain. Riad has advised some of the world’s top 10 technology corporations and top 10 global investment firms. He has co-founded and led teams in multiple technology startups and innovation labs, including Xona Partners (a global telecom, media, technology advisory firm) as well as various Venture Capital backed Silicon Valley startups, with successful exits. Earlier, he held lead roles in R&D centers primarily in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, the USA and France. Riad holds two Engineering degrees and a Master degree with highest distinction, was awarded a Doctorate in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with highest honors from the University of Paris, was a doctoral and post-doctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley and completed the Executive Education in Business at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Riad is an active contributor to various industry fora, such as the IETF, ATMF, ITU-T, OIF, IPv6, IEEE and 3GPP, and a frequent invited speaker, chairman and panellist at global industry and technology events. Riad's recently authored book titled "Tech Nomads of the Universe" is a collection of interview-driven essays highlighting a journey through regions and through time, canvassing the cultural, historical, geographical and governmental forces that drive technology innovation around the world.


Chief Scientist

Magno Silva holds a degree in economics and a master’s degree in economics. He spent almost 20 years as a consultant, developing mathematical and statistical models using technologies like Neural Networks, Extreme Gradient Boosting, Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Reinforcement Learning and Heuristics to improve sales, marketing, finance and logistical operations.

Javor Dimitrov

Chief System Software Architect

Javor has worked on many projects in the last 20 years in the IT field. Mainly in the field of system and network programming, but also in the field of desktop, web and microcontroller programming. He has in-depth knowledge of UNIX OS. He has a bachelor's degree in electronics from the Technical University in Varna, Bulgaria.


We are your trusted technology
and hosting partner

Moogilu builds custom software products for customers – System Software, SaaS, Enterprise, Big Data, Cloud hosting, Video StreamingProduct and Software Development, Mobile Computing, and Virtual Reality. We build a product from concept all the way to product architecture, coding, deployment, testing, hosting, and support.

Product and Software Development

To build software products from concept to delivery and hosting, an understanding of the domain, technology, and market needs are important.

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Cloud Computing and Hosting

Capital investment was a huge problem for younger companies for it was almost impossible to predict the demand.

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Video Streaming

Video consumption has continued to increase and was 61% of all internet traffic and is expected to be 80% of all traffic by 2022.

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Custom Software Development

Moogilu has built a variety of Web, Mobile, Enterprise, and SaaS products. Product and Software are complex systems and have to approach them as such.

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