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Frequent Questions

  • What does Moogilu mean?
    The word Moogilu means Clouds in Kannada, a language spoken in South India. At Moogilu we help build products, source and evlauate talent, and do Cloud hosting.
  • Do you provide Augmentation Services and Consulting?
    Yes. You can hire our Architects, Programmers, Product Managers, DBAs, Sys-Admins, Network Architects, Designers, and QA for either full time or fractional time.We have talented folks all over the world. We can also hire exceptional talents and also rare-to-find experts in any domain.
  • Does Moogilu provide Recruiting service?
    Yes. We have deep expertise in Recruitment. We have ability to source any kind of talent – Software, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, IT, C-level Executives. We are different from most recruiting firms by also providing subject matter experts to help source the right talent.
  • What is Agile Methodology and do you subscribe to agile method of development?
    Yes, we follow Agile Development Methodology. To follow Agile Methodology, we have deep expertise in Architecture, Designing, Coding, Build Automation, QA Automation, DBAs, and IT. For Agile to work deep expertise in all the disciplines and also shorter and meaning release are required. A product is scoped at a very early stage and incremental releases (2-4 weeks) are planned out in advance so that we can gauge the risks at a very early stage. Our entire team from Product, Development, QA, DBA, IT and our Customers Executives, Sales, Marketing, and Product Management are on the same page throughout the product development, development, deployment, and maintenance. Everyone is aware and engaged during the entire cycle and there are no surprises.
  • Does Moogilu’s services include hosting on the Cloud?
    Yes, we do host on the cloud. The customers can choose Amazon, Rackspace, Azure or any other Cloud providers. We run the SAAS on Cloud with 24×7 support. Though we automate virtually everything, we also have live engineers on call 24×7 to support the application and infrastructure.
  • Do you host Big Data – Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, MongoDb, etc?
    As of now, we are not hosting Big Data for we do not believe the tools are mature to hand it over to IT. We would need highly specialized workforce and will not meet the offshore cost criteria. That said, with Amazon supporting Big Data, we might soon offer hosting solution on Amazon with the standard 24×7 support with live engineers.
  • What does End-to-End Product service mean?
    Moogilu has the skills to take a product concept and take it all the way to hosting and delivery. We have expertise in User Interaction Design, Product Management, Architecture, QA, Coding, IT, Release Management, Product Hosting, Monitoring, Data and Database Architecture, and 24×7 Support. This means that we design, architect (product, it, qa, data), code, test, deploy, scale, host, and maintain the product 24×7.
  • What does 24×7 Support include?
    We provide 24×7 IT support on both Cloud and Datacenters. We also provide 2nd level product support. We support product built by us or third party products.
  • Does Moogilu’s host and manage Product Management tools and source control?
    Yes. We host and manage Wiki, Trac, SVN, and FTP.
  • What does Monitoring mean?
    We can instrument Network, System, and Application with open source Nagios monitoring. Though Cloud providers provide Monitoring tools, we prefer to use Nagios for we can extend and also monitor customer application by adding custom agents.
  • Does Moogilu implement URL Monitoring?
    Every web application managed by Moogilu will include URL Monitoring. Authenticated HTTP requests are sent every few minutes and check for response and performance. This enables customers to be pro-active about availability and performance.
  • Does Moogilu have expertise in Mobile?
    We have deep expertise in both iPhone and Android development. We have expertise in User Interaction and Design work that confirms to the platform. Moogilu Mobile Computing is based on platform approach meaning that we build Web Services API to integrate with Mobile devices.
  • What programming languages do you support?
    WWe have expertise in C/C++, Java, Php, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, JSP, ASP, Perl, Shell, and COBOL.
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