Product Development

To build products, an understanding of the domain, technology, and market needs are important. Domain expertise can come from customers or Moogilu’s domain experts. We have the ability to source domain experts for a wide array of businesses.

To understand the needs of the customer and thereby the product is one of the most important part of product definition. To define the product, we work with domain experts, product managers, and Software/IT/QA/Data architect. The multiplicity of views helps define a product where minimalism is an important attribute

To build a product that can be delivered in time, a well-defined process has to be followed. We follow Agile methodology characterized by – daily communication, entire team – business, software, it, qa, product, and data teams being on the same page, constant feedback, weekly/fortnightly deliverables, continuous feedback, and automation of QA.

All the product development tools and combinations thereof – Wiki, Trac or any other bug tracking tool, Git, JIRA, Blogs, Jenkins, etc. are made available on a private cloud or any of the public clouds of Google, Amazon, Azure, and Rackspace. The customer focuses on the business aspects and product rather than the tools thereby improving their productivity. We host and support all the tools used 24×7. And we will work with any tool(s) that the customer is comfortable.

We are flexible enough to adapt to any process defined by customers. We work with client product managers and also can provide product managers. Our services include:

Product Development Estimation

Most businesses need to estimate the cost of product development for planning purposes. This is particularly acute for young companies. Product Development Estimation is not a science. But with the right domain experts in a variety of technologies, Moogilu can help customers estimate the time and budget.

This is by no means definitive, but a reasonable estimate which is very helpful in budgeting and also on go/no-go decision making. All the experts who estimate are practicing engineers who code, test, or manage infrastructure.

Product Development estimation spans – Software Architecture, Data Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, QA Architecture, Coding, QA automation, Cloud deployment, Build Automation, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Hybrid environments – Mobile and Web, Algorithm Design, etc. This is non-trivial for any product. Moogilu has the ability to bring practicing engineers to get a reasonable estimate of any product that needs to be built.