AI, Machine Learning, and Optimization

Moogilu combines Software development, machine learning, optimization, and infrastructure to provide customized AI solutions at scale. The AI, Machine Learning, and Optimization projects are led by a Scientist and supported by Web, Mobile, QA, and Infrastructure engineers to build a scalable product with continuous development and deployment.

The four pillars of a successful AI project delivery are:

Strategy Formulation -> Pilot -> Architecture and Implementation -> Training

Moogilu’s scientists, engineers, and project managers work with you every step of the way and become part of your virtual team to deliver a product with continuous improvement and feedback.

Our areas of expertise:

Sales, Marketing, and Financial Forecast

By using historical data we can make forecasts of each product's sales, total sales, number of impressions, likes, website visits, open emails, revenue, costs, etc

Sales and marketing relationships

Evaluate the marketing strategy to figure out what are the main drivers of sales

Customer Buying Habits

Determine purchase frequencies and size the products a given customer is most likely to buy.

Finance bots

There is a lot of financial data available for forecasting like historical prices, earnings calls, social media, etc. We use the Reinforcement Learning bot for portfolio management using cryptocurrencies

Supply chain and Logistics - Optimization

Using mixed integer programming the following problems can be addressed - inventory management, network optimization, facility location, sourcing, factory scheduling and delivery optimization.The methodology is mixed integer linear programming and the tools of choice are Gurobi and CPLEX