Roles and Privileges

Roles and Privileges

Every software product at some stage needs Roles and Privileges so that the user has the right access to the resources and right privilege. This is basic, and Moogilu has built this solution innumerable times for a variety of customers.

Based on our experience, we have been able to abstract this functionality in a very generic form that addresses the complex requirements. As long as the resource is clearly defined, it is fairly easy to provide the right access.

Any server, application, web, parts of a page, databases, etc can be managed easily. And we can also define the kind of access – read, write, execute; so that the user is limited to what they need to see or do.

Moogilu has built a generic Roles and Privileges using Google AppEngine and will be available in Google Marketplace.

We have plans to release this product on Azure Marketplace, HP Helion Cloud Foundry , and IBM Cloud Foundry Marketplace.