What does VirtualFitt do?

Model your body type virtually and try clothes and accessories in 3D.


Drag and Drop interface to try clothes and accessories. Close to real with 3D.


Try clothes and accessories at the comfort of your home. Avoid making wrong buying decisions.


Use virtual model body types and protect your privacy.


For paid members, we will provide 24x7 support.

Try Clothes and Accessories Virtually

Model your body type virtually and try clothes and accessories in 3D.

About VirtualFitt

Online retail is pervasive, but the technology to help consumers to make decisions does not exist. With AR/VR the technology landscape has changed. And VirtualFitt has taken advantage of technology advances in AR/VR that addresses an important market need - try clothes and accessories virtually before making purchasing decisions. With VirtualFitt, you can:

  • Protect your privacy
  • Avoid long lines trying clothes
  • Try as many clothes and accessories within minutes
  • Never make a purchasing decision without trying virtually
  • Share your wardrobe and new clothes with friends
  • Model clothes and accessories for family, friends, and potentially as a profession
  • Build your portfolio of modelling clothes and accessories

If you have any questions about VirtualFitt, please contact us

The product will continue to evolve based on customer feedback and also taking advantage of technology advances.

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